Change measures using slicers

This short guide explains how you can use slicers to select different measures. For example how to use slicers to switch between a percentage of total, YTD or actual vs realisation measure.

Create the measure names in a table

Firstly you’ll need a table with the measure names. There are multiple ways to go about it. You could load it from en external source, create a table and enter values manually or create a table using DAX. This mainly depends on your preference, but as long as it is a single column containing the measure names, you are good to go. After you have created the names, you can create a slicer and add in the column.

Create the Dynamic Measure

Secondly, create a measure that responds to the selected measure name in the slicer.

Measure Selection =

SWITCH( TRUE(),    VALUES('Measure Dimensions'[Measure]) = "First measure name", [First measure],    

VALUES('Measure Dimensions'[Measure]) = " Second measure name ", [Second measure],    

VALUES('Measure Dimensions'[Measure]) = " Third measure name ", [Third measure],    BLANK())

2. (Optional)Capture the Value selected in the Slicer

A nice feature is to display whatever the user selected. Use the following DAX in a card visual to achive this.

User Selection = SELECTEDVALUE('Slicer Table'[Value])

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